I haven’t updated the site for a while with profit/loss figures so have decided to put out this update to help followers see where we are and what sort of success to expect.


The above is a screenshot of blog profit since I took over in July 2015 .Only two losing months since blog changed hands is a massive achievement,and one I will continue to keep up.


Above is a screenshot of my Nap and Nb profit loss since blog changed hands. Nap not being in profit is a slight headache but as you will see by my other figures it’s not that big a deal.


The above screenshot is for my Iwac or 3rd best  and overall blog profit I hope you have found it useful in clarifying up any doubts you may have on my figures.I may not win every day but Long Term Profit is our Aim and as you can see we deliver that in spades.Myself and Mike could like to thank all our followers and readers of our blog without you our success means nothing.


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