Hello everyone and welcome to today’s latest edition of Getting To Know You.

Recently I got the chance to pose a few questions to new upcoming dual purpose trainer, Morgan Raine.

In her first year as a trainer Morgan is based in Carlisle in the UK and also has a license to train in Jersey, which is where her two horses will race in the summer before coming back to Cumbria for the winter months.

Morgan can be contacted through Twitter with her handle being @morgaanraine and also on Instagram @breckenraineracing if you fancy sending her a horse as she begins to develop her training career and business.

Morgan Raine

So without further ado lets get to know Morgan Raine.

Q1 Favourite Racecourses? 

– Les Landes (Jersey) is definitely top of the list.
Closely followed by Sandown Park, Exeter and Ascot.

Q2 Favourite Racehorses 

– Obviously my own.. Order Of Service and Our Year. 

But ultimately my favourites have been Vibrato Valtat, Old Guard and a little mare called Spring Dixie.

Q3 Favourite Race meetings? 

– All meetings are great! I love the buzz of the Grand National Meeting bringing everyone to watch racing.
The Cheltenham Festival is the favourite UK meeting and the entire season in Jersey is always a pleasure with feature races at every race day.

Q4 Favourite Jockeys? 

– Rachael Blackmore, Mattie Batch & Fred Tett

Q5 Favourite post race pubs? 

– I’m not really a go to the pub sort of person but it’s always good to have mini celebrations back home with friends. 

Q6 Favourite journey to a racecourse ? 

– When I lived in Somerset, the best trip to the racecourse was Wincanton!!

Q7 Favourite place for a breakfast? 

– At home, a good bowl of cereal and cuppa.
On the go, just grab a coffee and a banana.

Q8 Favourite bands you’d like to see play a racecourse concert? 

– I would really like to see Tones and I, Aurora and Ed Sheeran 

Q9 Favourite biscuit to go with a brew? 

– Definitely Biscoff or a Fox Crunch Cream!

Q10 Favourite sports teams? 

– I’m not really a follower of sport, but it was great to support England in Football and watch Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics.

Q11 Favourite movies?

– Racing Stripes, Walk Ride Rodeo, anything with a true story behind it. 

Q12 Favourite comedies? 

– Not so much comedies but watching things like Catchphrase, Friends, Big Bang Theory and Friday Night Dinner, makes me chuckle.

Q13 Favourite ways to unwind outside racing?

– There isn’t really much time to unwind in my world, but when we do get chance, I love spending time with my partner Chloe and our animals.

Q14 Favourite races of all times? 

– All the races that my horse that I’m leading or riding comes home safe and sound.

Q15 Non racing sporting events you’ve attended?

– I used to box and competed in a White collar event, great experience. I’ve played in a hockey team, as a Left Wing which I love! 

Q16 Favourite place to go for a meal? 

– Any local place with good service and smiley people (cause I also do bar and restaurant, so I know how it should be) haha!

Q17 Favourite towns and cities? 

– I don’t really have any favourites, I’ve always felt at home in Jersey and in Cumbria.

Q18 Favourite races you wished you had been on course for? 

–  I have no regrets from not being on some courses, get to see more action on the telly and replays and away from big crowds.

Q19 Favourite holiday destinations?

– We don’t really get to go on holiday much with our animals.
Any time off is greatly appreciated!! One day I’d love to go abroad.

Q20 Choose your own favourite of anything?

– Favourite anything ?! Can be happiness and kindness!
Time off with Chloe and one day our own wedding along with seeing our horses run in our colours.

Big thanks to Morgan for taking the time to do this for me. We would like to wish you all the success in the world going forward…

Getting to know you with Morgan Raine –
Questions – Neil Watson
Pictures – Morgan Raine(Twitter)

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Published – August 2021