We are delighted to bring you the BIG Interview with Harrison Shaw.
We first interviewed Harrison, back in March 2018, Harrison was a Rising Star & this is very much a catch up to see how things have changed in the last 3 years for him.
It’s safe to say, that there have been many changes……

Are you still with Mick Easterby?

I did over 2 years at the Guvnor’s (Mick Easterby). I had a bad fall in July 2018, which put me on the side lines for 9 months. Coming back from injury I made the switch to Karl Burkes & I started there in February 2019, which is just over 2 years ago now. However I still ride for Mick and do pop in and ride out. 

And you are now a Professional jockey, when did you lose your claim?
Yeah that’s right , I lost my claim on the 30th October 2020. On a horse called Burrows Seeside for Phil Kirby. 

It will be a huge relief when the crowds are allowed back in. Not much beats the buzz on race day when there’s a good crowd

How much of a difference has it made, when getting rides? 
Well I lost my claim just inside the winter. Truth be told that wouldn’t be the greatest time to lose it. It’s been hard this winter for a lot of riders given the circumstances we have found ourselves in, however I have a great agent and I have been keeping busy riding out for my boss and plenty of other trainers, and getting some good opportunities so I’m hoping that can continue. 

Harrison back in 2018 on Call Dawn

You recently passed 100 winners, of the 100, which ones mean the most?
That’s a tricky one but I suppose the 95th winner was very enjoyable to ride. I had gone through a spell of having seconditus for a few week’s, I don’t know whether that was because I was trying too hard or whether it was bad luck but it was frustrating all the same. So to finally get that one out the way was a huge relief. I also rode a winner on my 21st birthday at my local track Ripon , that was a good day. 

What are your aims for the season ahead? 
This year will be my first season without a claim, historically it’s not going to be easy but hopefully I can keep the ball rolling. I have a good boss and ride out at a powerful yard, as well as a good agent and with a great support network, that will stand me in good stead for the season ahead.
My overall aim would be to just get as many rides and ride as many winners as possible, if I could beat last years tally of 32, I would be delighted. 

You said in 2018, you would love to ride a winner at York…. Have you achieved that yet?
Nope unfortunately not, I have had a few near misses ,,, 2nds and 3rds. Fingers crossed 2021 can be the year to get the monkey off the back. 

A few favourites…
Grandmas meat and potato pie. Usually not good for the weight as it’s impossible to have only one portion !! 
It’s not ideal but I do drink a lot of pop, a cold Fanta zero is up there on the list. 
I don’t particularly just like one gene of music, but I like all country music, my mum would have it on 24/7 whether it be the house or the car so it’s all we heard growing up. Also Queen and Linkin Park are good listening! 
I like a lot of guy Ritchie films. Lock stock, Mean Machine ,Snatch,,, just to name a few. If it’s TV, then it’s usually the racing ! 

How are you finding race riding without a crowd?
It was a strange Atmosphere to start with, almost a sort of silence but I guess it’s been that long we are used to it now. It will be a huge relief when the crowds are allowed back in. Not much beats the buzz on race day when there’s a good crowd. 

Lockdown in March was strange for everyone, how did you cope & how are you finding life now? 
Although it was strange and difficult for many people, luckily we still were allowed to exercise the horses. So every morning I was riding out  at Karl’s and that kept me busy for the first half of the day. I filled the afternoons by keeping fit and also getting round to those jobs in the house that I had put off for to long!
Life now is similar, riding out in the morning and then racing in the afternoon or evening. We have been lucky that we have been able to keep the show on the road. 

& finally…..
Do you have a horse for our readers to follow for the flat season ahead? 

There is a smart filly at Karl’s called Seeking Perfection. She won very nicely on only her second outing and I think she’s potentially a very nice filly in the making.

We would like to thank Harrison for his time, it has been great catching up with him & we wish him all the success in the world for the future & look forward to seeing him in the winners enclosure very soon….

Interview by Rich Williams
Photos – Harrison Shaw(Twitter Profile Pic) Harrison on Call Dawn (File) & York RC(Twitter)

March 2021