We are delighted to present a quick chat with Gary Moore……

Who has influenced your training career?

My father, Charlie Moore and Ryan Price.

Do you target races for certain horses?


What has been your favourite horse to train or are you still waiting for the one with the WOW factor?

Sire de Grugy…..and still waiting for another!



Did you always know your children would all head into the racing industry?

I always thought they would, although I was not sure about Ryan.

How has training and the racing industry changed since you had your first runner?

Massive changes in all sorts of areas and not always for the best.

Sandown seems to be a course you have a lot of success at, can you put your finger on why?

I think mainly because it is very local and we just seem to run more horses there which are well-suited to the course.


What are the targets for this season or is it just to get as many wins as possible?

Would be great to get as many wins as possible.

Can you give our readers a horse to follow for the season ahead?

Dell Oro

In your opinion, what can we change to attract more staff to the industry?

It is very difficult – it is hard to attract people as the hours are long and unsociable.


A big thanks to Gary for taking the time to answer our questions and we would like to wish Gary, his family and the team all the best for the season and the future.

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