On Breeders Cup weekend, I sat watching the coverage of the racing from the USA & whilst looking at twitter, there it was…
Grey Number 5 #TheSystem…
Yes we have all heard about the myth or Legend that a grey horse carrying the number 5 will be the winner, so in this NON scientific research following Grey Number 5 horses, using £1 stake, from week starting 9th November all the way through to the first week in December, I can now publish the results of this very NON scientific research…

In the Money or Stone broke

Week 1 – November 9th 2020

There were a total of 13 Grey 5 runners during the 7 day period, which resulted in 3 winners & had you been betting on JUST the GREY 5 with stakes of £1 at the end of the 7 day period you would have made a profit of £8.00, having had SP winners at 7/1, 5/1 & 3/1….. Finishing the week with 10 losers & 3 winners. + £18

Week 2 – November 16th 2020

This week there were 19 Grey number 5 runners, with NO winners, so at £1 stakes you would have lost £19. The total for this 2 week period resulted in a LOSS of £11 for the 2 week period…

Week 3 – November 23rd 2020

In week 3, we had 2 days with NO grey Number 5 runners but a bonus 5 running on the Saturday. By this point I had started noting distances the horses were running & which codes – National Hunt or All Weather, as I mention at the start this is very non scientific research but I thought I would have a closer look..
13 grey number 5 runners during this 7 day period
3 winners – 7/1, 4/5 & 16/5 SP winners
All 3 winners were on the All Weather…

Betting at £1 per race, you would have made a Profit of £1, with 10 losing bets but 3 winners making £14, but we takes that from the loss of – £21, leaving the total at – MINUS £7….

Week 4 – November 30th 2020

Having made a loss for the previous 2 weeks, I was hoping to end this research on a high, just how high we would just have to wait and see, starting on MINUS £7… There were another 11 GREY number 5 runners though the week.
It didn’t start too well & by Wednesday, it was 0 winners from 3 runners, 2 on the All Weather 1 in a 2m 4f Chase, Thursday saw another 3 runners, all in the NH sphere.
A winner at last, in a 2m 2f Chase with SP odds of 100/30.
Friday brought 1 runner and another loss & I only had 2 days left of research!

And then it changed on Saturday….
Politologue wins at Sandown, SP 13/8 & then Lake View Lad wins at Aintree 16/1 SP…..
There was another runner on Saturday, which resulted in a loss as was the only runner on Sunday….
So 3 winners from 11 runners….. 100/30, 13/8 & 16/1…
8 Losing bets…. Added to the MINUS £7.00 from the previous 3 weeks…
Minus £ 15.00….
Returns £23.95

After 4 weeks of following GREY NUMBER 5 I can reveal that a PROFIT of £8.95 was made!

I think I got lucky with the big winner on the last Saturday of my research, what I did find out from this month long look at GREY 5 was ONLY 9 winners from 56 GREY NUMBER 5 runners in 4 weeks, with the winner being on average every 6 GREY 5 runners… From an average of 14 Grey runners carrying the NUMBER 5….

Yes I made a profit, but only because of a 16/1 winner…..

From my research, there was no SYSTEM, the winners had NOTHING common, the All Weather winners won over 5f, 6f & 7f… 3 different types of surface…
The NH winners were over 1m 7f, 2m 2f & 3m1f… No ground was the same….

There is no Grey Number 5 System…. It’s just pure luck on the day or a really Good horse!

Lake View Lad ( Aintree )

Written & Researched by Rich Williams

Main Picture(Archive) & Lake View Lad (Aintree Racecourse Twitter)