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We are delighted to bring you an interview with Oliver Sherwood, we talk about Owners, Prize money and of course, Many Clouds….

How has training and racing changed since you started?

Training is much more intense now than it was. Racing is much more competitive than it was.

Is it becoming harder to find owners? And do you think Racing clubs/Syndicates will become more prevalent in the industry?

Racing Clubs have been popular for the last 10 years. It is always hard to find owners.

We have been hearing about the Stable staff crisis, what is your opinion and what can be done to try and solve this?

I don’t think it is just in racing. Better prize money so we can pay them better!


Plenty of horses returning from their summer holidays, when are we likely to see them having a run out?

As soon as we get some proper rain, it is going to be a while as it has been a very dry summer.

How long in advance do you plan the season for individual horses and is a plan formed with the owners?

The really top horses (150+ rated) virtually place themselves. This time of year is all about talking about plans but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t happen.

Many Clouds was a household name and the horse of a lifetime, certainly in our house he is held with great affection. Were you surprised by the reaction his passing received?

Yes I was a bit but NH horses tend to capture the public’s imagination more than flat horses.

Many Clouds – Photo by Fran Altoft


With many great successes’, what in your opinion has been your favourite?

The Grand National

And finally….. Which horse are you most looking forward to this season?

Euxton Lane going Novice Chasing….


We would like to thank Oliver for his time and wish him and his team a successful season ahead…. 

Interview – Rich Williams

Many Clouds photo – Fran Altoft.

Oliver Sherwood image from Twitter Account