Part 6 – Rising Stars – Seb Woods


We are delighted to bring you part 6 of Rising Stars, this week we introduce to you Seb Woods, an apprentice with Richard Fahey. Learning his trade and on a Journey to the top. I will let Seb explain all to you….

Can you tell us about yourself please?

I am a apprentice jockey based with Richard Fahey in North Yorkshire. I am 19 years old. My whole family have been involved in racing, from my grand father(Albert Woods) being a jockey in Ireland and India. My dad(Wendyll Woods) who was a jockey in England and Hong Kong and now runs a Brook stud in Newmarket along side his brother(Dwayne Woods). My uncle(Dwayne Woods) was an apprentice in India and is now a bloodstock agent and runs Brook stud with my father. My other Uncle(Sean Woods) was a jump jockey and a trainer in Hong Kong. I went to Culford school in Bury St Edmunds. And I played tennis, hockey, rugby,cricket and golf as a kid. I rode horses from a very young age with my cousin Guy Woods who now events in Germany.


What are your first memories of racing?
My first memories of racing was walking into Shatin race course weighing room with my dad. I was in my element trying on his racing helmet and pretending to win a race when I was on his shoulders and from that I just knew that’s what I would be doing in the future.

Did you always want to become a jockey?
Yes because I grew up with horses and racing it was almost installed into my brain that I was going to be a jockey and I wanted to as well.


How did the chance arise to join Richard Fahey?
When I was still going to school I was riding out for Rae Guest in Newmarket. Durning my final year I was there, I had the great opportunity to be working alongside Paul Eddery. As well as teach me a lot, Paul suggested that I should try and go up north to Mr Fahey’s as he would give me every opportunity to get on in this industry. And it just escalated form there.




How are you finding it with Richard Fahey?

I love every second here at Mr Fahey’s and count myself to be very lucky to be under his wing. Not only because of his backing and rides on the track that I’m lucky to get. He always gives tons of constructive criticism that has helped me progress and keep getting better to become the jockey I hope I will be in the future. It is a joy to work for Mr Fahey.
We also have a great team at Musley Bank that are great to work with.


Can you remember your first winner?
My first winner was at Doncaster my 8th ride at the start of last season on Monaco Rose for Mr Fahey and Dr Mawan Koukash. It was a brilliant day because not only was it my first winner and it was for Mr Fahey and Such a big owner of ours. but my dad and mum where there as well and that put the icing on the cake for a day that I will never forget.


What are your ambitions for the future?

Obviously my ambitions for the future would be to become champion jockey. But at the moment I just want to keep improving with every day a goal I think is possible with the great backing of Mr Fahey and my family.



We would like to thank Seb for his time and wish him all the best for, not only the season ahead but for the future. It is certainly looking bright for this Rising Star. You will find Seb in the winners enclosure again very soon, of that we have absolutely no doubt.

Interview by Rich Williams for arseonlinetips.

Pictures supplied by Seb Woods