The followers are who we live for , Why we tip why we get home every night and study are little arse’s off , But who are we realy . Well Me – Simon & Mike To be honest are like you the followers . We are just some guy from down the road , the bloke sat in front of the Racing post on a saturday morning with his coffee and a head ache over how many horses there are to pick from , The bloke stood next to you in the bookies shouting his horse home giving advice to a jockey who we belive could be doing better ( We have all been there ) .
We all remember been in a bookies at some stage in our life on that special day when we have picked out our best Nag of the day , knowing it will win as we have watched it countless times and today is the day ( 2.15 The race starts — your horse goes to the front —- 2 furlong out — your still first — then it happens ) Your horse takes off from the final bend , you take a 2 length lead and your horse pulls away ,, faster and faster ,, boooooooom the win comes …..
That in essence is what the tipster ( ME – SIMON – MIKE ) are chasing , That runaway winner the one that smashes the rest of the field at good odd’s – BUT before you think were after the horse winning for the money then your sadly mistaken( as i found out ) .. After a while tipping i came to realise that as the blogs followers gained i was not so much looking for that buz of a winner for myself as i was you the followers . Yes i back my own horses as do all 3 of us but when they won it wasnt the same anymore , The funny thing was when a horse won at 4/1 yeh its good but for me it was a case of ( Can i get a bigger winner for the followers i’e 6/1 or 10/1 ) .
There can be no tipster without followers , otherwise its just us and our thoughts on twitter ,
The thrill of horse racing lives in all of us , the fast move round the bend , the 4 length lead in front , the move from the back to the front in one swift go , Thats what were here for . The moment the gates open ( boom boom boom the hooves bang round the track) The moments like frankel winning his last race – the replays of horse like Secretariet – Bosrasham – Kauto Star – Imperial Commander beating Deman in the 2010 gold cup – See the Stars, The Likes of Sir Henry Cecil – John Gosden Mick Kinnane – Pat Eddery The list is endless and timeless and always will be Thats what makes it such an exciting sport to follow and Try our hand at .
We are not tipsters , we are just men in a great sport trying to make our study of horses know to people , trying to give our advice , Nothing more , We are not the magicians we wish we were . what we are is a bunch of honest lads with a passion for racing like yours , one that burns and doesnt go out no matter what , we always come good and for one reason only ,, you the followers
I have a great respect for all our followers for if it was not for you we wouldnt be here . How ever many times we get thanks for wins and placed horses it is us that are thankful we try our best each and every day , and as always we are there to be asked

Thank You All From The Team


2 thoughts on “Simon,Charlie and Mike a Message for our followers

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