Part 7 – Rising Stars – Brodie Hampson

I was absolutely delighted when Brodie agreed to this interview. She is a fantastic amateur national hunt & point to point jockey. Here is Brodie, in her own words….


1 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself please?

Brodie Hampson, 23 yrs old, originally from Chichester but currently living in Westbury on Severn. Amateur jockey, I’m free lance so ride out at a few different places including John O’Shea, Fergal O’Brien and Sophie Leech


2 – What is your first memory of racing?

My first memory of racing would be watching the grand national every year with my parents, that’s all I really knew about racing until I was 16.


3 – Did you always want to be a Jockey? And if not what other career would you have chosen?

Until I was 16 I was never involved in racing, I always wanted to go into the forces, preferably the police or a paramedic. But once I got into racing and started riding out there was only one thing I wanted to do and that is race ride myself.


Cheltenham winner – Are they your own



4 – Can you tell us about your Pathway to becoming a jockey?

So when I turned 16 Sally Randell, who was in the army with my dad had started training pointers in Wales and knew I had just left school so she was looking for someone to work with her and that someone ended up being me!! I’ve been in racing since, she got me going as a jockey.

There is no better person to talk to about Brodie than Sally Randall and I recently spoke with Sally, here is what she had to say about Brodie –

Sally –

Brodie is a top girl. She came to work with me when she was 16. She wouldn’t say boo to a goose she was so shy but from her first ride she used to boss the lads around at the start to make the running!!!

We have had a lot of success together over the years as we always know our horses. We spend ages making a plan and she always put the horses in the right place. My favourite days were her winning on her first ever ride in a P2P aboard my mare ‘Rich Nomad’ at Garnons when she had only been riding racehorses 3 months.
Also her winning on ‘Fort George’ at Fakenham in her dads colours when she beat Richard Johnson in a finish. We have had a lot of fun…… too many fantastic days to mention. She is a great girl


5 – What was your first winner and where?

Lucky for me my first winner was my first ride at a point to point in Garnons on a little mare called Rich Nomad. Was a great day, l was clueless, I lost my stirrup 4 out and I had so much lead my saddle slipped coming to the last so I was hanging on for dear life!!


Brodie riding Cougar Kid


6 – Are their enough opportunities for females to become race Jockeys?

Yes I think there are plenty of opportunities for lady jockeys out there, as long as you get your head down and work hard your bound to get the rewards!!

7 – Who is your Inspiration?

My inspiration is my mum, if I end up half the women she is I will be happy. She’s been through so much and always managed to hold herself up and others around her, especially me.


Winning the Royal Artillery Gold Cup with her late father


Quick Fire –

Fav Drink? Tango Iceblast
Fav activity outside racing? Eating
Fav Band/Music? Chart music
Fav food? Where do I start.


8 – And finally…. If you could ride any horse Past or Present, who would it be and Why?

If I could ride any horse in a race it would have to be Smad Place, jumps great and tries so hard, looks a thrill to ride.


Smad Place – A horse Brodie would like to ride


We would like to thank Brodie for her time and wish her all the success in the world. She should be an inspiration to any young jockey.

Interview by Rich Williams

Pictures submitted by Brodie Hampson ( Except Smad Place – File)

Thanks to Sally Randall for her kind words