Charlie’s Profit/Loss Figures Quarterly Update


It’s been a hectic few months with plenty of highs and lows, so I thought it was about time to update my profit/loss and help you see where we currently stand. So without any further adieu let’s get down to business.

Charlie’s Profit/loss Figures


As you can see my Nap is showing a slight loss of £110.72 but my strike rate is around the 24% success rate and that’s not too bad. My Nb is showing profit of £822.80 with a 19.5% success rate. And my 3B is showing profit of £328.31 with a 13.9% success rate.

We now look at Blog profit overall and the figures are displayed below.

Charlie’s Blog Profit/Loss Figures


As you can see only 2 losing months since January not too shabby. Total Blog profit is 205.885 points and at standard £10 per point is £2.5k , hence why a couple of losing months means virtually nothing lost long term.

I hope you find this useful for clarity of my performance and I will strive to keep the standard you see on a monthly basis. Thanks for taking the time to read and follow our blog and selections both myself and Rich appreciate each and every one of you.