Artist to Ambassador – Birdie flies the racing flag



Some of you will have heard of Birdie through his sketches of racehorses he shares on Twitter, or if your really lucky you will have seen him trackside on a racing day, but there is more to the man besides his artistic skills and in the following interview you will see what I mean. So without further adieu let’s start the Interview.

How has your book been received since it’s release?

The book has gone done really well – I regularly get people coming up to me at the races saying that they have a copy on their coffee table at home. I really hope I get the chance to bring out another edition one day!


The drawing of Paddington was awesome, what was the reaction like?

The little sketch of Paddington was really well received – As a child growing up in the 70’s I have a lot of memories of watching various classic children’s programmes with my brother and sister. The famous little bear was one of our favourites.


We all saw you on itv racing, chatting to Matt about your role as a racing ambassador, can you tell us how it came about & where you will be appearing in the coming weeks?

That was my first day in the ambassador role and my very first appearance on ITV. Matt kindly came over to speak to me about the amazing work the team do at Racing Welfare.


About 3 weeks ago Racing Welfare wrote to me and asked if I’d like to be an ambassador for them – I jumped at the chance because I’ve always had the up most respect for all those loyal hard working people that work at Studs and racing yards around the country. Without their dedication and commitment to caring for horses racing really couldn’t operate.

I’m waiting to hear where my next appointment will be – Keep an eye out on twitter, I’ll definitely be shouting about it as soon as I know.  


It’s also been racing welfare week, racing is enormously indebted to the staff that get up in all weathers, this is a fantastic initiative for racing, could racing do more for them?

I think this week has really highlighted the amazing work they do. The images of BBQs and yard parties show how many great teams of people are out there. Racing Welfare is there for people of all ages…

I think as racing fans we should all remember those behind the scenes, not just once a year….every day of the week!  


& finally, what are you currently on & are there any plans for a Birdie Calendar??

This may well happen…So without wishing to make a promise that doesn’t happen. Fingers crossed I may have some news on this before the end of the year!

Brilliant to talk to again Darren, wish you all the best as a racing ambassador & hopefully see you at a race course very soon.

Rich Williams for 3 Furlongs Out & Arseonline.