Recently there has been a public outpouring of  views within racing, in regards to the dispute between owners/trainers/jockeys and Arc over the poor prize money available.

Some of the conversations that I read have caused me some concern for the sport in general, as they have become heated public discussions that in my opinion should have been contained behind closed doors.

I get they are appalled by poor prize money but feel they have gone the wrong way about it, they could have formed an Owners/Trainers/Jocks union and held a vote for strike action to make their stand legal and above board. The public display of harassment and strong worded swipes aimed without mentioning names is causing a huge divide and needs to stop immediately if the sport is to come out the other side.

I am all for solidarity and to be honest if they worked together instead of public point scoring the situation would be resolved sooner. I hope all those within racing read this and realise the situation can’t continue In its current state and join together for an amicable solution that suits everyone.

We saw ARC on ITV Racing and it was all very interesting, along with the WhatsApp group messages that are flying around on Social Media(yes we have seen them)…

All that we as racing fans want is for ARC & the Racing family to come to an agreement and to stop the sniping and to make this work for all concerned. After all, the lower grade races are the life blood of the sport….

Written by Charlie McGreevy