Rising Star – Jordan Cummins


Jordan Cummins is a lad from Ireland, who has spent time with Karl Burke as an Amateur rider and has travelled to Dubai to learn about the racing Industry, here he is in his own words, telling us about himself and why he will rise to the top.

What are your first memories of Racing and did you always want to be a Jockey?

My first memory of racing probably would have being like any one else’s every body’s watched the Grand National, i’m not saying I’d always wanted to be a jockey or a jump jockey, as a matter of fact but they probably would have been my expectations of racing, that was about as much knowledge as I had going into the game.

How I got into racing, I left school at the age of 16 I went to a training centre for early school leavers called the Cherry Orchard Equine Centre.I was studying my Fetec levels there and the extra subject was horse riding and stable care. I passed all exams there and my two horse riding instructors said I’d be a good candidate for RACE so they applied for me. I went on the weeks trial, having never sat on a race horse before was a shock to me if I’m honest. I got accepted into the program. I completed the 10 month course in RACE & my work placement was with Michael Grassick Jr where I learned a lot from RACE and Michael and the staff there were very good to me and had a lot of time for me.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please?

Im IRISH , I’m 19 in from Ballyfermot in Dublin. I’m from a Family Of One sister and Four brothers, who are very supportive. I wouldn’t say that I come from a wealthy family but we always had enough to get by, my ma and da always made sure we had everything growing up, they worked for the family and that’s what makes me ambitious to do well in life.

I done a lot of boxing from the age of 7-16 I won a few titles, I was lucky enough to do some Irish exhibitions and I loved the sport, but I handed it down for horse racing. I thought I might need a change in career and I haven’t looked back since, still the love I have for boxing is none to other, but we’re I come from in Dublin it’s a lot for a 19 year to move away from home, see some parts of the world and doing ok for himself, as my area would get a bad name, but as anyone from Ballyfermot knows it’s a great place and we’re all proud to be from BALLYER as we call it.

I have since left Ireland to work in England for a year and a bit with a great trainer Karl Burke. I learned a lot from Karl, his family and all the staff. I then took the amateur license out and have had a few rides for Karl and some outside rides too and then after a year I have come to Dubai to ride out for John Hyde, who pre trains and starts braking in young horses for Sheik Hamdam al Maktoum. I’m due to leave here on the 2nd of April and once again I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on how the game works in different country’s and it’s been a great lifestyle and experience for a lad like me from Dublin.

You ride for Karl Burke in the UK, how did that come about?

I had a friend I met at the RACE in Ireland who had being working for Karl and I was looking to get away from Ireland and try something new, he arranged the job with Karl. I flew over for 4 Days initially and I’v been there for a year and a bit now and really enjoyed myself. Karl was very good to me and I felt he had a lot of time for me which was good I got some great days racing and experienced a great season there which came about of some groups winners listed and nice handicaps so I really enjoyed myself there.


Is the aim to become a professional Jockey?

Yeah as it should be for anyone who wants to race ride but baby steps at a time and hopefully one that I can be successful

Can you tell about your first winner?

Hahaha I wasn’t that lucky as I only had a hand full of rides but I’m hungry and ambitious to do well.

Do you set any targets?
My targets would be to do well in life and never forget we’re you come from look after myself and family most importantly.

Can you give us a couple of horses to follow for the season please?

Laurens would be a 3yr of Karl’s. I’m sure everyone had heard of this filly hopefully she can train on from last season as she was a lovely filly

Havana Grey would be another i was lucky enough to lead him up when he broke his maiden at Ayr and he went on to be a group horse for Karl. He a great horse and I’m sure he will make a better 3yr out of him .

I would like to thank Jordan for his time and wish him all the Success in becoming a Jockey, I am no doubt he will be a fantastic success as he has drive & determination to succeed.

Rich Williams – arseonlinetips