Winning and Losing Runs

Winning runs or streaks as I like to call them are what we all strive to achieve when betting on racehorses, although losing runs will happen as it would be almost impossible to win every day. Now some may think that’s a negative perspective but it is the truth, if there was a way to continually win time and again the bookie would just pull the plug on all your accounts and shut you out.

Maintaining a disciplined approach and sticking to a manageable staking plan will help control your betting. If the races are of poor quality or nothing really stands out, take that day off and wait for better races. When you start a winning sequence don’t get tempted to double or triple stake in next few bets to boost your returns, stay with your staking plan. The same goes for a losing run never chase a loss, draw a line through a bad day and go again tomorrow, when I have a losing run I tend to reduce my stake and place fewer bets to protect my overall bank.

This helps maintain a balanced approach and if I can make profit from 7 or 8 months out of 12 then I’m doing alright. Although I don’t highlight a losing day or month that is immaterial to how I operate, I do my profit/loss figures on a quarterly basis to give a more rounded view over all, and I can cope with a few months being in the red as I have faith in my ability to turn profit from the remaining months in the year so my profit is never in danger of disappearing altogether.

I have been betting on horse’s since I was a teenager and I’m almost 45 now and have never ended a year losing overall so I must be doing something right. I still get the same enjoyment from horse racing now compared to when I was a young lad sitting outside bookie shop, waiting on my dad returning after placing his bets, everytime the door opened I would peer inside looking at the men of all ages either waving and jumping up and down cheering their horse home or hanging their heads in despair as their bet slip was torn and tossed to the floor when it lost. I was fascinated by the whole experience and I guess I was hooked from that day onwards.

I hope you enjoyed reading this page and hopefully gave some pointers into how to cope with winning and losing runs.

Written by Charlie Mcgreevy