James Ewart – A quick chat

I recently had the pleasure of having a quick phone chat with Trainer James Ewart, based in Langhom, Scotland , where it had been snowing and Ayr had already been abandoned.

James has been a trainer for the best part of 15 years and has sent out over 1, 400 runners.

I asked James how the yard was and how things were going…..

Apart from the snow things are really good, with no problems

As always I ask about the way James trains his horses

They are all different and they all have their own training routines, fillies’ are harder to train than Colts and Geldings. So from the 2 year old fillies’ to the 11 year old geldings they all have individual training programs.

Would you say that Fillies’ tend to run better when going into season?

Most, I would say do tend to, but then you do get the odd one who doesn’t and runs better after.

What do you think about the current handicap System?

I have been quite outspoken about this subject and I think we are still living in the dark ages with the current system.

You mention Prize Money, is that a problem? 

I think it’s slowly rising

Are finding owners a problem? 

When I started training 15 years ago, there was a lot of single owners, now not so much with more syndicates involved in ownership

Can you give our readers one to follow please?

Charmant – a 6 Year Old Bay Gelding, who won his first two out this season, at Sedgefield & Ayr in Class 4 Handicap Hurdles before finishing 4th in a Class 2 at Kelso recently.