Charlie’s Quarterly profit/loss update


It’s been a hectic few months if I’m honest and the flat season wasn’t as kind to me this year as it has been in the past . Meaning that my profit margin had began to wilt like a sunflower in late September, anyway enough about that let’s crack on with explaining where I stand on the profit front.



The image above shows my Profit/Loss from July to October. Two bad months in August and September had me pulling my hair out at the time, as too many places had began to zap my profit margin again. But overall profit is still in the Green and that’s not a bad thing, to prove what I’m saying is true I have included an image of blog overall profit below.


I know I keep on about overall profit but long term is where that lies. The above image is from my betref blog and at £10 per point, this means that overall profit is £1,946.50 not a bad figure but could have been way more if the placers during the flat season were winners. We now move onto the jumps campaign and hopefully the blog will grow throughout the season. I hope you have found this informative and useful if your an old or new follower as both myself and Rich are open and honest about how we operate.

Thanks for your continued support and I will catch up with you again on the next installment.