Rich and Charlie’s Take on Finding Value Winners


Today we had some folk saying we only tip Favourites and they could do that themselves, so we decided to explain what we do and how we operate to clear up any confusion on this matter.

Firstly Rich’s Final Word section on the blog isn’t for tips as these are just pointers that Rich feels could perform better than the odds suggest, admittedly these do tend to be in the top 1/3 of betting market as that’s where most quality winners come from, so if you don’t like the prices he finds its simple don’t back them. Charlie’s Selections tend to be more wide spread in terms of prices.

Charlie’s Nap tends to be around Evens to 4-1 depending on form etc.

Charlie’s Nb selection tends to be 4-1 to 8-1 depending on race covered and price available at time of selection.

Charlie’s 3B selection tends to be 5-1 and upwards with no cutoff price wise.

Now you know what we do and have more of a picture of what odds range is covered, but that’s not the full story as Charlie introduced a 🌟 rating for his selections at the beginning of this jumps season as a trial to give a better understanding of the strength of his selections as these were locked to prices as explained above. The 🌟 ratings have their own page onsite and if you want to check it out feel free to do so it’s called Searching for the 🌟.

Our Tipsters have been following horse racing for 25+ years each and both have their own way of doing things, although they sometimes do find the same selection from time to time. Rich can find value outside the Fav bracket so he isn’t a one trick pony and has a wealth of knowledge to back this up.

Charlie has had several big price winners in his time, we saw that last season when Masar won the Derby at 18-1 for him. That wasn’t his biggest price win as he has had a 100-1 shot win twice in his career, the first one was Mon Mome in the Grand National in 2011 and Charlie D won at Wolverhampton last year although these weren’t tipped Rich can verify the Charlie D win on the 10th August. We hope this clears things up and gives you a better understanding of how our tipsters operate.

We thank you for your time spent visiting our site and reading our daily blogs and horse racing interviews and articles. Our dedicated team will strive to deliver the same quality reading you have become accustomed to as we head into a busy schedule of races.


Thanks again from the Arseonline team