We are delighted to bring you an Interview with Michael Scudamore. The former Rugby player became an amateur jockey prior to taking up the Trainers license  with his Grandfather, who retired in 2008 leaving Michael to take the reigns on his own….


You took over the reigns in 2008, how big a step was that?

It was made much easier with family around especially my Grandfather Michael Senior

What advice did you seek when taking up training?

In this family there is always plenty of advice flying around – though not always good!Best advice…. Keep the Horses happy, fit & healthy

Being from a famous racing family, did it add extra pressure?

Not really was just a big step up on the ladder


It must have been a relief to saddle the first winner?

Yes – any winner is a good feeling but the first will always be special

How many horses did you have in 2008 compared to now?

From memory about 15/20 and we are now at 35/40

Do you set any targets for each season & are individual horses given certain targets?

With the better horses it’s easier to make targets with better races, other than that I try not to make targets. Other than to improve year on year.

Has everything gone to plan ahead of the season?

So far! We have had a new gallop put in for this season so excited to see how that

Some Chaos was in fine form last season, are you excited for what is possible this season?

Yes he has some big targets to aim at but life will be much tougher this season
especially starting off a rating of 145 as opposed to 102.

Do you have a stable jockey?

No, we do not

Does each horse have an individual training routine?

With the numbers we have it is easier to train this way


What race would you like to win as a trainer?

I would like to win the Grand National

You are an ex rugby player, with the rugby World Cup on the horizon, who do you think will win the tournament in Japan?

Hopefully WALES! But New Zealand are the obvious choice….

And finally, can you give our readers a horse to follow for the season ahead?


We would like to thank Michael for his time and wish him & the team all the best for a successful national hunt campaign.

Interview by Rich Williams
Pictures ; Family(Great British Racing) Michael(Zimbio) Name(Trainers Quote)

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