Charlie’s most profitable racetracks


I was looking back through our blog when I realized, I hadn’t included my most profitable racetracks for my blog selections,so I decided to look on betref at my performance, to see where the money lies for our followers and that can be found in the image below.



As you can see from the list Galway is top of the pile and £193+ profit ahead of last placed Lingfield with £166.59 from 184 tips to a recommended £10 stake.

Perth isn’t far behind Galway profit wise but with considerably less selections, these tracks should be noted especially when we put something up that’s running there as we don’t just tip for the sake of it. I know some may not like my short write up about a horse I have put up, but personally I feel if it’s short and sweet and gives a reasonable breakdown of previous runs then it’s all good,as no-one likes long winded write ups when most punters just want a horse’s name to throw some money at.

I hope you have found this of use and suggest you keep a bookmark of the page for future reference.