Bet365 The crooked Truth


Firstly I have been a loyal customer to these cowboys for almost 2 years and at first they seemed a decent company. Best odds guaranteed on horse racing with cashout options for most types of bets seems great at first view.

But delve a bit deeper and you will find regular removal of cashout option on some bets as soon as they are placed, these bets then lose and since cashout option wasn’t available as soon as bet is placed you have no way of getting that money back.

Secondly I was given a free bet to use in bet365 casino, I used this to play roulette turning my free £5 into just under £40 when I tried to transfer from casino into my sports betting account they stole the money with no explanation and when I complain was given a phone number to call and yes you guessed no action taken to give me an explanation as to why they took the funds.

More recently I have had several bets that have had a non runner in them but as I do multiple selections in said bet if one is a non runner it takes bet down with it even tho I still have horses left to run. Again I have raised this issue with these cowboys only to be told to call them, even tho I am having a discussion on Twitter via dm with them at that time. It seems they want to take more cash off you via premium rate call to add to the money they have already stolen by not honouring the bets placed.

Is this the act of a company who looks after its Customers,no its not its the Act of a greedy company who pay no Tax in UK and will stoop as low as they are allowed to get away with blatantly ripping off the betting public at every opportunity.

I would advise anyone who has an account with these cowboys to stop using them hit these cunts where it hurts and take back some dignity for the Brittish gamblers..