As many of our followers & website viewers know, we have gradually changed our direction in the last 2 to 3 years.

Charlie took the keys to the site from a friend of ours & after a few years we decided to head in a different direction to the name on the website, we have changed it from TIPS to RACING, this means, we are concentrating more on the RACING side of the sport than the tipping aspect. We have tried to change the name domain but with so much already stored on site, it is almost impossible…

1 – You are a tipping site?

It depends on what you term “Tipping” we post a weekend racing blog with our thoughts & during the “BIG race meetings & Festivals” but we do not blog our thoughts every day of the racing calendar…

2 – What is Arseonlineracing about?

We are a racing website, who likes to promote racing through articles, interviews & blogs….

3 – Have you ever asked an INTERVIEWEE for a tip?

NO… We ask for a horse to follow during the interview but have never asked for a TIP…

4 – What do you mean by 100% independent & NO Affiliate links?

This means that the 4 people who have access to the site on a daily basis have no affiliation to any bookmakers & we do not have ANY bookmakers AFFILIATE links as a form of paying for our site or making us any money. We have complete control of the site.

5 – Is the website Free to view?

yes the website is free for anyone to view, we do not ask anyone to subscribe to our site & you can visit whenever you want…


This website is Free, will remain free until such time as we have so many views that we feel we need to look for a sponsor & that will NOT be a bookmaker. This site will remain FEEE TO VIEW & AFFILIATE LINK FREE as long as we hold the keys…

Our interviews are conducted in a professional manner & while we respect anyone’s decision not to talk to us as that is their right to use the term TIPPING site is far from the mark & they obviously have not looked at the major racing website players, who on a daily basis promote their TIPS & affiliate links throughout the day & have adverts as part of the article…..

We always seek permission, where possible to use professional photographers images & give credit on the article & our interviews are, more often than not, checked by the Interviewee prior to publication….

And finally, the website is curated by 4 people, who do this as a hobby because they love the sport.


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