Today as I sat watching the racing, in anticipation of the return of the All Weather Sprint king Kachy, my mind started to drift back to when we talked to his owner Dave Lowe and all the trials the team have had to overcome to get Kachy to All Weathers Final day to defend his sprint crown that he had won the past 2 seasons, including breaking the track record last year.

Obviously things hadn’t gone to plan, with a setback to start and then when finally ready to run, a knock in the course caused a touch more stress to the situation. The day was finally here.. Kachy was ready to go, on what possibly could have been the start of 3 races to Qualify for a race he was the reigning champion of….

I say this as I know from seeing Dave’s tweets that he has a valid point about the reigning winners of each All Weather race being given an entry to defend their title the following season, after all in most sports, well at least in Football, the reigning winners are automatically entered in the competition & you can see his point, anyway this is by the wayside but it also a valid point… And for the record I am in no way saying that this should change, but maybe a future conversation could take place.

Anyway, I was sat waiting, already annoyed that the TV were taking too long to get to Lingfield, with the race at Ascot finished some 7-8 minutes before the scheduled start at Lingfield and they were still going on about the race prior to heading to it, I was excited to see him again and I know how much work Tom, Richard & the team had put in to get Kachy to this point…

I sat there in disbeleaf at what had happened, my heart sunk & my eyes filled with tears, I sat there, scrolling through twitter, waiting for news. My first thought was for Dave, a proud man, who was fighting tooth & nail to find a way to get his beloved horse to Finals Day to defend his crown for a final hurrah before he went to stud…

I feel the same way today as I did the day Many Clouds passed away and I will feel like this for a while yet, so I have no idea how Dave, Tom, Richard & the Team feel if I’m feeling like this & I’m just a fan.

I just want to say thank you to Kachy, Dave, Tom, Richard & the Team for lighting up the race track, even if it was a blink & you miss it.
To you all, we send our Condolences and you are in my thoughts…

God Speed Kachy… Run free boy…



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