Seeing as Rich has been with me on the blog for about a year, I thought I’d give my view of how that first year has been.

It was around a year ago when Rich sent me a dm on Twitter saying that the site he was tipping for was calling it a day. I immediately asked him to join me in writing and tipping for Arseonlinetips. A lot has happened in that time and he has became an instrumental part of the team at Arseonlinetips.

It wasn’t all fun at the beginning we both took time to get used to each others different styles and ways of reading races. Rich brought his People’s Nap to the site, a simple concept of 3 horses put up for a public vote on Twitter with the one with most votes becoming The People’s Nap. Rich’s ways of doing things are very different from my own he tends to concentrate on the top 1/3 of the betting market for The People’s Nap, where as I tend to look for value outside that bracket. We do have different ways of thinking despite being roughly around the same age and come from totally different parts of the UK.

At first Rich would ask hey Charlie is it OK for me to add this to the blog or asking my permission for the occasional rant. I told him that the blog is as much his as it is mine and to just do whatever he feels comfortable with. So off he went with a new found passion of being able to express his views without being restricted.

We both continued to submit our work separately for 3furlongs Out, as well as putting a daily blog post on our own site. But it wasn’t until Boxing Day that we both worked together on unravelling The King George, and for only the second time we had worked on the racing preview and stats side of things together, the first being The Melbourne Cup in November.

We had landed the winner of the Melbourne cup in Almandin and was given at 11-1

This spurred us on and we have worked on several collaborations since then with similar success. We have had some big priced winners in the past Year and although Rich’s main concentration is based on finding winners for the People’s Nap, he can find big priced winners when one ticks the right boxes

Rich’s input on a daily basis is second to none his commitment and drive is inspiring and he’s an honest and decent all round guy.

We have been on a real rollercoaster ride this past year, with both of us having work and family commitments on top of our writing and studying daily racecards as well.

As a result both of us have had dips In form from time to time, although we are both still showing a profit overall for that period. We can’t win every day but nothing stops us trying, we both give up a lot of our time and effort to bring the best current articles and interviews along with our daily blog for our followers. The only disappointing thing is our site views have dropped below the norm and we are addressing that at the moment. We would encourage you to tell your friends and family to have a look and spread the word,as we do deserve more recognition and views for the amount of effort we both put in.

I look forward to the next 12 months working alongside Rich as we will be stronger as a result of everything we have been through this year. So on that note it’s time to sign off and wish you all the best, catch you all on the next installment.

Written by Charlie McGreevy


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