Recap on Thursday’s performance Simon’s Nap lost his Nb won advised at 5-1 his first Iwac tip won advised at 13-2 and his final Iwac tip lost nice profit from Simon today.I had a place at 12-1 from my tips meaning another losing day hopefully change that with Friday’s tips listed below.


Simon’s Tips


Dundalk 8.30 Poetic Choice 9-2 (Nap) Win

Wolverhampton 5.10 Stanlow 5-1 (Nb) Win

Dundalk 6.30 Shinyhappyjohn 6-1 (Iwac) E/w

Wolverhampton 5.45 Mary Le Bow 12-1 (Iwac) E/w


Charlie’s Tips


Chepstow 2.10 Long John 10-1 Win

Chepstow Cailleach Annie 9-1 Win

Dundalk 6.00 Ondamoura 4-1 Win

Dundalk 8.00 Rose Angel 5-2 Win 

Dundalk 8.30 Poetic Choice 9-2 Win 

Lingfield 2.00 Boomerang Bob 9-2 Win

Lingfield 3.05 Baddilini 20-1 E/w

Market Rasen 2.20 Kalane 9-4 Win

Market Rasen 2.55 Sunny Ledgend 9-1 Win

Market Rasen 3.30 Midnight Shot 12-1 Win

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